Getting a good night’s rest can be difficult during pregnancy, especially when it comes to finding the right sleeping position. As your body changes and grows throughout each trimester, you may find yourself wondering which side is best for sleeping while pregnant. 

Side Sleeping Recommended

Experts recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Sleeping on your left side allows better blood flow to both you and your baby as well as helping with kidney function in mom-to-be. 

When lying down flat on one’s back or stomach, there is an increased risk of decreased circulation due to pressure from the growing uterus against major arteries in those positions; thus making them less than ideal for optimal health benefits for mother and child alike! 

It may also help reduce swelling by improving circulation around joints such as ankles, wrists or fingers due to gravity aiding fluid drainage away from these areas whilst lying down instead of pooling up like it would if one were laying flat on their back or stomach. 

Additionally, this position helps relieve some common discomforts associated with pregnancy such as heartburn, shortness of breath & lower back pain caused by extra weight being carried at the front. It also ensures optimal oxygen supply is reaching the baby via the placenta, an important factor ensuring healthy development. 

In conclusion, many experts agree that sleeping on one’s left side, particularly after 20 weeks gestation, provides maximum health benefits for both mommy & her developing little bundle of joy. 

Therefore, if expecting mamas want to ensure they get adequate restful nights sleep, without compromising either themselves or their unborn babies’ wellbeing, then this should definitely be taken into consideration when deciding what position they will take up before hitting hay each evening.

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